Night of Champions Predictions: AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya for the Divas Title

Tonight at Night of Champions, it will be every woman for herself when AJ Lee puts her title on the line against Brie Bella, Naomi and Natalya. Which Diva will win this Fatal Four-Way? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Adrian: I guess this all depends on where Total Divas is headed. It’s clear that Natalya is being portrayed as the muscle of the Total Divas team, and many signs suggest they might be building up to a title win for her to end the season with a bang. Should this be the case it’s entirely possible Nattie walks out champion tonight, unless they try and really build the chase and wait for the next pay-per-view. In terms of soft power (TV time and freedom on the mic as opposed to significant backstage influence) AJ is simply untouchable right now in the. Her promos, her mannerisms and her ring work are all gold and have been just as much a reason for the resurgence of interest in the Divas Division as Total Divas has. However, a title change tonight might be the perfect way to benefit all parties. A good back-and-forth feud with Natalya is the perfect way to keep momentum going and show the WWE Universe exactly what the top women’s wrestlers of the company can really do in the ring – and I’d have no problem with the title changing hands a couple of times throughout. Natalya wins.

Bobby: The build up to this has been decent to me. The Raw AJ did her big promo and the SmackDown she recruited Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla were my personal high points, whereas this week was pretty much my low just because it felt like the same thing twice and neither really got a lot of time. Nevertheless, I love the story behind every contender. You have AJ, looking to back up her “pipebombshell” by defeating three Total Divas; Natalya, who is on a quest to reclaim the spotlight we’ve all felt she’s deserved for years; Brie, who looks to cap off her run as a singles competitor by claiming the Divas Title and rejoicing with the Bella Army. And then Naomi, who hasn’t been spotlighted too much in comparison to the three and could certainly make a name for herself should she walk out champion. I’d truthfully be happy with any of the four winning the match because I love AJ’s reign, but I see great things should any one of them dethrone her. I do kind of want AJ to win because I think a Total Divas star taking her title should come after a singles feud with one of them down the road, however, if anyone knows me… they know my love of Naomi burns brighter than the sun. This is her first title match that’s been booked enough ahead of time for me to get to make a prediction, thus I’m going with Naomi simply because I’ve waited a long time for this moment and I clearly wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I doubted her chance to win. Plus, I want she and Jimmy Uso (and Jey Uso by relation) to become this united power couple even if it makes no sense to non-Total Divas watchers. The guys have a tag title shot if they win their gauntlet, so what better way to kick start my own personal aspirations than this?

Chris: When it became obviously before SummerSlam that one of the Total Divas were next in line to challenge AJ, I was a little nervous about how the quality of the feud would be. I have to say for once I have been pleasantly surprised! From the now infamous #Pipebombshell to everything in between, this feud has been awesome so far, and that’s why I don’t want to see it end! I’m picking AJ Lee to retain and continue to feud with the Total Divas over the next month.

Cryssi: I think it’s fair to say that this is a match we’ve been waiting for! When Total Divas debuted and we witnessed a disgruntled Natalya vent her backstage frustrations, we all kind of hoped that she would get this type of opportunity and a title shot on top of it. Well, that time has arrived but I’m not so sure I want Natalya to win. I DEFINITELY don’t want to see AJ retain her title. She’s done nothing for me as champion except drop a scripted “pipe bomb” that had fans hailing her as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Gag me….. yuck! Naomi isn’t my pick either because I don’t feel she’s stood out much in this feud. The person who has stolen the show, in my opinion, and the person who will win the match tonight is none other than Queen Brie Bella. She’s been the champ before and it’s time that title comes back where it belongs. She’s shown the most improvement out of all of them and I really believe she has the best character right now. She’s got her own little stable with Nikki and Eva, and she’s the only one who can bring justification to that title. Sorry Nattie and Naomi! I love you both. AJ…. girl bye! Your days are done. I CAN’T WAIT for Queen Brie’s reign to begin :)

Eleri: I’m torn with this one. On one hand, I want Natalya to win via submission and reign over the divas for a while, proving that she’s dominant. At the same time, I don’t want AJ to lose her title in such a rushed way. I loved her pipe bombshell and I love the two different directions the divas division has taken recently, with Total Divas on one side and proper, developed wrestling stories on the other with AJ and Kaitlyn. But I have to choose… so I’m going to go out on a limb and say Natalya wins this one, pocketing a second well-deserved championship which has been a long time coming. I just hope that, if I’m right, this feud goes beyond Night of Champions.

Erin: I fully believe that the WWE wants to make AJ their new Trish/Lita, meaning she will always have some sort of presence on TV, whether she’s in the Divas Title hunt or not. However, at the moment, I don’t see her leaving the title picture yet, or even merely chasing the title. And, as they’re still filming for Total Divas, I don’t think tonight’s outcome will be what caps off season one. I think there needs to be more buildup for either Brie, Natalya or Naomi to win the title, and I’m sure the WWE wants to ride this division-encompassing feud a bit longer. I say AJ Lee retains the title and goes on to drop it at either Battleground or Hell in a Cell.

Jack: A lot of the Diva Community think Nattie or Brie will win the match tonight yet I see either AJ retaining, or like past Fatal 4 Ways with the outsiders Eve Torres and Alicia Fox winning, Naomi will win. However I have to narrow it down to one person so I’ll take a risk and say Naomi for the win!

Jake: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My pick for Night of Champions is Brie Bella. Since they returned, the Bellas have been in the spotlight and one of the top faces of the company. This gives them the chance to really be on top and continue Nattie’s frustrated Diva storyline on Total Divas. I love me some Bellas, so hopefully Brie wins the belt and with Nikki returning to the ring soon this will make for some more Twin Magic and a possible face turn for AJ Lee.

Katelyn: I’m honestly really torn between two picks, but in the end, I’ve gone with Natalya as the winner. She began the season of Total Divas by being left off WrestleMania and the ‘ugly duckling’ card has been played up exponentially since. She will get her Cinderella moment and close out the extension of the reality show on a nice note.

Melanie: Despite the odds being against her, I’m suspecting AJ Lee will retain here. Perhaps one of the Total Divas will dethrone her in a singles rematch further down the line?

Steven: I have a love/hate relationship with multi-women matches like these. On one hand, they’re so fun and unpredictable, but the flip side, it’s so hard to determine who will win. I don’t see Brie or Naomi pulling out the win, as they are both currently in tag teams, which leaves AJ to retain or Natalya to capture the championship. Total Divas has been an overnight sensation and is the centerpiece of this match, so I could totally see a Total Divas star taking the win. It would be a perfect note for the first season to end on, don’t you think? My money is on Natalya winning the championship tonight and Team Total Divas banding together to take out Team AJ.

WWE Main Event Results: Cara Vs. Sandow 26-2-2014

WWE Main Event Results: Cara Vs. Sandow 26-2-2014



Ten Man Tag Team Match: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Los Matadores and El Torito Vs. 3MB, Ryback and Curtis Axel

Goldust and Axel kick things off, Goldust with an arm drag and then a kick. He hits an uppercut then right back to the arm. He tags in Cody and the two square off. Axel with a waist lock, but Cody knocks him down. Cody with an arm drag, but kicked in the gut by Axel. Ryback tagged in and puts a series of chops to the chest of Cody in the corner. Cody blocks and sends him head first into the corner. Cody with a missile drop kick that sends Ryback to the mat. Cody with a kick to the gut then the shoulder he goes for Disaster kick, but blocked and Ryback hits a big powerbomb leading us to break.


Where back and Drew hits a double axe off the top rope onto Cody Rhodes for a near fall. All three 3MB members hit a tag team move and Heath with elbows to the chest of Cody. Heath tags in Axel and he lands a series of right hands. Axel with a chin lock, but Cody fights out with the help of the crowd. Cody with right hands, but Axel with a running knee to the jaw and tags in Ryback, he locks in a headlock then a press suplex for a near fall as Goldust saves it. Ryback clears house and knocks all of Cody tag team partners off the apron. Cody hits the disaster kick and he tags in El Torrito who nails a head take over on Heath. He hits a spring board cross-body on Heath then things break down as the Matadore take out 3MB on the floor then Torrito hits a face buster on Heath. Cody takes out Axel with a heel kick and then an outside dive taking out Ryback. Torrito pumps himself up then heath stares him down, but Torrito does some Cody dances with Heath and then they have a hook of the horns by Heath. Torrito with a kick then a head take over for the win.

After the match Heath Slater is asked how he feels about being pinned by El Torrito and he says this is bull. He also says that he will not talk about this again. Slater has spoken!

John Cena – Wyatt Family injury angle was shown from Raw.


Aksana and Alicia Fox Vs. Eva Marie and Natalya

Natalya and Alicia Fox start things off, they lock up and the referee breaks it up. Fox with a kick to the gut and then works the left arm. Natalya rolls out and hits a suplex for a count of 1. Fox with a rolling senton then Natalya rolls her up for a near fall. Natalya slaps her butt then tags in Eva Marie. Eva with an arm drag three times. Fox with a knee to the gut then sends her into the ropes where she hits a back breaker for a near fall. Fox throws her into the corner and Natalya starts an Eva chant. Fox with a bridge suplex then locks in a headlock. Eva fights out, but thrown down by the hair and Aksana tagged in. Out of nowhere Eva gets a tag to Natalya and she hits a snapping suplex twice. Natalya with a snap suplex then a kick followed by a big clothesline. She goes for the sharpshooter and Eva takes out Fox. Aksana pushes Natalya into Eva and Natalya hits the spine buster for the win.


Brock Lesnar and the returning Undertaker contract signing from Raw is shown.

Bad News Barrett comes out and says something about the USA. Blah, blah.

Randy Orton – Batista promo interaction was shown from this past week’s raw where Batista said deal with it.


Darren Young Vs. Titus O’Neil

They lock up, O’Neil pushes him in the corner, but Young is the one who hits him first. O’Neil with a suplex, but misses the elbow drop and Young with a clothesline. Young is thrown into the ropes and hits a knee to the face. Young goes to the top rope, but O’Neil hits a big boot. O’Neil throws him head first into the corner then a leg drop for a near fall. O’Neil locks in a headlock, but Young fights out for a second. He throws him across the ring then with a clothesline for a near fall. O’Neil with a chin lock, but Young fights out with the help of the crowd support. O’Neil with a knee to the gut then a chop to the chest. O’Neil plays to the crowd then goes for a suplex, but rolled up by Young for the win.


Sin Cara Vs. Damien Sandow

The lighting gets dark and Sandow pushes him into the corner where he hits a series of kicks, Sandow with punches in the corner, he hits a suplex for a near fall. Sandow locks in a headlock, Cara fights out with lefts and rights. Cara misses a spring board drop kick and Sandow with more punches. Sandow with an elbow to the throat then a couple of knee shots to the ribs. Sandow with a series of right hands the face then an elbow shot to the ribs for a near fall. Cara fights out of a headlock, but Sandow throws him down and hits a knee drop on the mask warrior. Sin Cara fights back with a big DDT for a near fall. Cara with a head take over then a botched moonsult for a near fall. Cara with a spring board elbow for a near fall, he pumps up the crowd, but Sandow hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Sandow throws him into the corner, but Cara rolls him up then changes it into a spine buster for a count of 2. Sandow knocks Cara down and then locks in the Texas cloverleaf, but Cara fights out. Cara hits the senton off the top rope for the win.

NXT Recovered (February 12, 2014): Is Alicia Fox pass Her BFF to start?

nxt six diva








What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Following on from last week’s mega Diva brawl, a Six Diva tag match is taking place tonight as Alicia Fox teams with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks (who have the cowardly Charlotte by their side) to take on Bayley, Natalya and Emma. Can the eccentric faces and their role model auntie get the win or will the bitchy heels destroy the competition?

Out first this week, and sadly not to either Emma or Bayley’s ‘catchier than the common cold’ theme songs, it’s Emma, Bayley and Natalya. Sorry that’s Emma, Natalya and “IT’S BAYLEY!” Not sure why Byron Saxton feels the need to randomly add ‘it’s’ before he announces her! Following the faces, the BFFs and Alicia strut to the ring. The BFFs finally got their click of the fingers in-sync yet Charlotte still hasn’t found the matching top to go with her gold and black shorts. Womp Womp!

Main roster rivals Emma and Summer Rae start the match by locking up. Emma twists Summer with a wristlock yet Summer retaliates with a kick to the gut and an Irish whip. Emma averts danger by slinging the apron and then she slides under Summer and puts her in a sunset flip position, a pin attempt which gets two. Summer gets walloped into the top turnbuckle as Natalya gets tagged in. Summer scurries to her corner to avoid her other main roster rival in Nattie, and she tags in Sasha.

The Boss heads into the ring confident as she ducks under Natalya’s grasp and shoves her in the back. Sasha then shoves Natalya in the same chest area that the small boy lynched onto on Main Event and this has enraged Natalya! Sasha belts it towards the safe haven of the ropes yet she doesn’t escape for long as Nattie whips her. Sasha stops the Dungeon Diva’s attempt at a comeback with a thrust kick to the gut yet Natalya fights back, twisting out of the wristlock predicament and hitting an over-the-shoulder takeover.

After a one count, Tal runs over Sasha’s back before booting her lips off with a basement dropkick. Grasping Sasha’s head, Nattie heads to her corner and tags in Bayley and the pair hit a double hip toss. After a cover, Bayley scoop slams her fierce foe, the latter of which tags in the PHierce Alicia Fox. Yup, shes fierce with a capital PH!

Bayley gets the best of Alicia for a while in the corner before Alicia reverses and Irish whip and decks Bayley with one of her textbook dropkicks. Alicia has Bayley in a chinlock as NXT goes to a commercial break. Back from the advertisements and Summer is the one now acting as a thorn in Bayley’s side, clamping the robot loving Diva with a full nelson, complete with body scissors. Following a brief fight, Summer knocks the wind out of Bayley’s sails again with a stiff kick to the shoulder.

Sasha tags in and works over Bayley nonchalantly before knocking Nattie off the apron. During this time, a close up of Charlotte confirms that she has infact found the missing gold ring attire top that has been AWOL the past two weeks. It begs the question then, why are you wearing a vest? I know nothing about women’s fashion or how to be ‘fierce’ yet I don’t think that vest is it! Sasha applies a front facelock to Bayley before tagging in Alicia.

Foxy nails her stunning northern lights suplex before she starts to rip at Bayley’s neck like a dog mauling a stuffed toy. Damn Alicia, steady on girl! Bayley is close to making it to her corner yet Alicia shuts her down and let’s Summer pick at the bones some more. Summer shows off her dancing ability on the apron and Bayley’s face before toying with Bayley in the centre of the ring. Baylz then gets whacked in the face with Summer’s boot. Summer applies a front facelock on Bayley yet the underdog powers out, executing a perfect suplex on Summer. Summer tags in Alicia and finally, Bayley makes the tag to Emma!

Following a pair of clotheslines, Emma knocks the BFFs off the apron yet her attention should have stayed with Alicia, who kicks her face in with a big boot. Alicia tries to make a tag yet the BFFs channel Cameron with a little “Girl, Bye” and they leave her alone. This betrayal is enough to distract Alicia, who gets viced into the Emma Lock, where she has no choice but to tap.

Thoughts: Where do we start here? What a match! Although I often like how matches end abruptly or differently, the ending to this match irked me just a little. I would have liked to have seen Emma clobber Alicia a little more before getting the win thanks to the ditraction, as I feel she would have looked stronger with her winning that way. Other than that though, I can’t fault the match.

Sasha Banks brought a lot of charisma in this match, and I think it’s the most comfortable I’ve seen her in a heel role. Summer was A+ as usual; her antics were over the top, full of charisma and I especially loved her classic heel cockiness when she was taunting Bayley before she kicked her right in the headband! Yet again too, Bayley impressed me as it doesn’t matter what she does, I’m always rooting for her. She’s the perfect package and sorry Emma, Bayley will be the next NXT Women’s Champion, not you.

I also love the commentary at the end, with Alex Riley pointing out that Summer and Sasha may be more of a click and Charlotte is still on the outside of that, regardless of what she thinks. Renee Young agreed, saying that none of those girls are safe from the backstabbing. You know it’s good when the commentary team get the audience guessing, instead of us always thinking of storyline ideas ourselves!


Writers’ Choice Awards 2013: Knockout of the Year – Gail Kim

Writers’ Choice Awards 2013: Knockout of the Year – Gail Kim

Diva Dirt presents its third annual Writers’ Choice Awards, the awards that celebrate the year in women’s wrestling, as decided by the editors and contributors of Diva Dirt. The Diva Dirt team has watched hundreds of episode of wrestling television this year, followed a countless number of wrestlers and reviewed tons of matches. Now, as we come to the end of 2013, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

Knockout of the Year: Gail Kim

For the second year in a row, Gail Kim comes out on top of TNA’s Knockouts division. Honestly, did anyone expect any different?

Gail spent most of the year out of the title picture, but managed to compete in our Match of the Year anyways, building a side feud with Taryn Terrell into a rivalry that featured two show-stopping matches: a Last Knockout Standing match (the aforementioned MOTY) and a Ladder match. These matches showcased both Taryn’s remarkable in-ring improvement and Gail’s ability to bring out the very best in her opponents.

Then came the low point. Departures by Taryn Terrell, Mickie James, Madison Rayne and Tara left fans believing that the Knockouts division, if not TNA as a whole, was on its last legs. To say that Gail was the glue that held the division together would be an understatement. She was the only Knockout left that could carry the division, and carry it she did.



Gail’s popularity amongst fans, as well as her fine-tuned in-ring skills, made her mere presence enough to keep the division relevant. She helped rebuild it from its lowest point in September, winning the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory in October and bringing in new Knockout Lei’D Tapa as her muscle, providing the division with much-needed fresh blood.

The Gail Kim Open Challenge gave indy women wrestlers a moment in the spotlight and opened the door for the recent return of Madison Rayne, Gail’s former BFF. That feud alone could sustain the division for the foreseeable future while giving fans a piece of the Knockouts’ glory days. And to think, just a few months ago, we were reading the division its late rites.

The Knockouts division is on the road to recovery, and when it finally returns to form, you’ll have Gail Kim to thank for that.

WWE Main Event Redux Nice Prevails Over Naughty

WWE Main Event Redux  Nice Prevails Over Naughty

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Apologies for the lateness of this Redux yet something happened over the last few days called Christmas. Not sure if anyone’s heard of it. It’s not really a big deal. No fuss over it at all…. Anyway, this week’s Main Event match was thankfully tons better than the “Jingle Belles” match on Raw. Just caught up with that too and whilst some parts were ok, what was the group linking spinning clothesline all about? So weird…

Taking part in this Six Diva tag team match was Brie and Nikki Bella, who teamed with Natalya to take on WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka and Aksana. I can’t create any tension whatsoever because of the beautifully themed title I chose for the Redux this week so let’s get right into the festivities!


Out first this week are our naughty Divas, who will all presumably be receiving coal this Christmas. I was thinking of sending Tamina a new leather waistcoat yet I figured like always, she wouldn’t get the wear out of it. She never bloody wears the ones she’s got; it’s always thrown on the floor! Out next are the nice Divas, The Bella Twins and Natalya. Again, I was thinking of sending Nattie a gift, perhaps some medicine for a weak bladder but somehow, I don’t think she’ll appreciate the help…

The bell sounds and AJ and Brie kick things off. The girls grapple with AJ getting the better of the exchange as she powers Brie towards the ropes. AJ gets cocky and Brie makes the most of this, kicking the champ in the gut before applying a wristlock. AJ retaliates by stomping on Brie’s foot before using a wristlock of her own. Brie uses the top rope to backflip out of the lock, which she does successfully before hitting a fireman’s carry takeover which she transitions into an armbar. AJ hits back by applying a headscissors yet Brie nips up (sort of) and gets out. Brie grabs AJ for a side headlock and Nikki blind tags in when Brie is forced back on the ropes. Brie trips AJ allowing Nikki to hit a dropkick right to AJ’s kisser. AJ scrambles back to her corner and tags in Aksana.

Aksana does some strange taunts before Nikki kicks her up the rear end and tags in Natalya. The Canadian Sensation hits a gorgeous bridging pin for a two count before performing her sit-out scoop slam which always looks crisp. After a near fall, Aksana gets whipped against the ropes but she grabs them to stop herself from running into more trouble and she tags Tamina.

Tamina starts off shaky as Nattie locks in a side headlock yet Tamina’s wheels start to turn as she throws Natalya off of her and delivers some tough kicks in the corner. Nattie counters a move in the corner following an Irish whip yet after a distraction from AJ, Tamina becomes in clear control as she flattens Nat with a devastating Samoan drop. Tamina rips the bobble from her hair and throws down her leather to show that she means business, yet in doing so, she only gets a two count when she goes for the pin. After some knees to the kidneys, Tamina tags in AJ, who skips around before getting a one count. AJ hits a neckbreaker aswell before tagging in Aksana.

Aksana whacks Natalya around a bit before hitting a unique single leg crab. Natalya manages to counter it as Aksana’s positioning is not as good as it could be yet Aksana stops Natalya from making a tag with a move that is the bane of my life, a double axe handle. Why do people do it honestly? It looks terrible. Aksana tags Tamina back in, who hits a suplex. The ‘Leather Lover’ then knees Nattie four times before Natalya tries her best to get free and get her breath back. Tamina shoves Natalya into the corner, winding her some more. Tamina charges at Nattie but the latter manages to move out of the way and tag in an incredibly fresh Nikki Bella!

Nikki steamrolls in and decks Tamina with a clothesline. She hits an elbow and a lightning quick hurricanrana that has Tamina rocking! Tamina gets bashed around some more with a dropkick, corner clothesline, a pair of boots to the face and a bulldog – a list Tamina definitely didn’t ask Santa for! AJ breaks up the cover and gets Bella busted by Brie, who then gets Divo dropped by Aksana. Thankfully for Brie, unlike Survivor Series, she’s not the legal woman, so she won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being pinned by Aksana yet again. Natalya comes into the fray and hits her discus clothesline on Aksana and then Tamina demolishes Tal with a massive big boot. Tamina clearly forgot who was legal though as she is completely oblivious to the presence of Nikki, who rolls her up for the three count!

Thoughts: When you give the Divas time, Christmas miracles happen! This match was not the greatest Diva match ever yet it was fluid, everyone had great chemistry and I was entertained throughout. The worst part of the match for me was honestly AJ’s performance. Her in-ring work is so stale to me right now and she didn’t do a lot on this match. I understand that Tamina is meant to do all of AJ’s dirty work for her yet I still wish AJ would make more of an impact when she does wrestle. We all know that she has unlimited charisma yet she’s been diluted so much recently and I hope that 2014 can reinvigorate her.

So after seeing Nikki pick up the win, is Mrs John Cena next in-line for a shot? Time will tell! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

Raw Redux (January 13th 2014): Are you not entertained?!

Raw Redux (January 13th 2014): Are you not entertained?!

It’s with a heavy heart that this begins with mentioning the great Mae Young. She passed away last night after spending the past week fighting for her life. Mae Young was the very definition of vivacious and tough, and more than anything she was so very passionate about what she did for a living. As sad as her passing is, her life was remarkable as well as admirable. Not many people get a chance to fully live their life on their own terms and from what we got to see of her, Mae definitely did that. It’s hard to find a person that I personally respect more than the late, great Mae Young and her presence will be missed greatly. I can only hope and smile at the thought that now she’s with the Fabulous Moolah and together, they can start a party that’s going to be the talk of all eternity.

My first post of 2014 is delayed, that’s for sure. Real life has gotten in the way big time. Not that any explanation is needed but obviously it’s annoying to me that I’m just now getting a chance to relax. Being late always sucks – be it a Diva Dirt post or monthly visitor. Not being able to talk about Raw ASAP is about as miserable as a pregnancy scare. I mean, do we really care about Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee versus Cameron and Naomi on Wednesday? Does it even matter now that Emma showed up on WWE television??

Okay. Who am I kidding? It totally matters.

I’m not one to sit here and nitpick the way a new Diva debuts. Emma simply holding a sign in the crowd is just whatever to me. Thanks to NXT she’s already established as a face and character, and that’s exactly what this brief little stint did on Raw. It let us know that when she does step inside that ring, she’s going to be exactly what we’ve been seeing and despite how brief this was, it’s not something people are going to forget.

It would be hard for the ‘E to just randomly drop her after showing that. Not saying that they won’t, but it’s doubtful. Emma is an exceptional talent and as someone who’s loved her since her Tenille Tayla days in SHIMMER I could not be more excited and happy that she’s finally going to fulfill her dream of being in the WWE. Congrats, Emma!

Anyway, there was a match that took place after the Emma crowd shot. Tamina and AJ got a nice win over the Funkadactyls.

It was a very good showing for Cameron as she got completely dominated by both Tamina and our soon-to-be recording breaking champion, AJ. As of Raw, AJ was at day 211, second all time to Maryse and the shining wizard she finished Cameron off with to win the match was a thing of beauty.

Cameron has improved so much this year and I find it a bit sad that we didn’t get to see her work AJ a little more. AJ is Dolph-like with her selling and it would have made Cameron look even more amazing. On the other side, as basic as Tamina is, what she does works for her. She’s supposed to be a powerhouse and she’s finally found a comfort in that role. Being paired with AJ kind of rejuvenated her WWE stint because it wasn’t like she had a lot going on before that. I think I’m one of the ones who now want to see the two partners feud, as it’s only fitting should they end up getting split up.

The post-match antics lead me to believe that we could see another tag, or even a singles match. Should we get AJ versus Naomi again, I sure as hell won’t complain. I’ll just sit back and relax, and enjoy. Regardless of what comes out of this, if anything, I got an enjoyable little tag match and a promise of something new.

I couldn’t as for a better start to my 2014 wrestling wise. Really excited to see the Divas continue to evolve and see their stars shine even brighter.

Writers’ Choice Awards 2013: Most Improved – Brie Bella

Writers’ Choice Awards 2013: Most Improved – Brie Bella

Diva Dirt presents its third annual Writers’ Choice Awards, the awards that celebrate the year in women’s wrestling, as decided by the editors and contributors of Diva Dirt. The Diva Dirt team has watched hundreds of episode of wrestling television this year, as well as hundreds of live events on DVD. Additionally, we’ve followed a countless number of wrestlers over the year and reviewed tons of matches. Now, as we come to the end of 2013, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

Most Improved: Brie Bella

When the Bella Twins left World Wrestling Entertainment in April 2012, fans were left wondering if they would ever see the sassy duo of Brie and Nikki grace their television screens again. Both women had been in the company for quite some time, both had held the Diva’s Championship at some point, and it seemed like everything had come full circle for both of them. But thankfully for us, the girls decided they weren’t finished with the company (on camera anyway…) and made their return to the company in March of this past year. Little did we know what this return would morph into.

Brie and Nikki made their return to television in a backstage segment with Team Rhodes Scholars (that’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow for those of you that live on another planet). That led to a feud with the Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron, and eventually we found ourselves with a glorious eight-person tag team match set for WrestleMania in New Jersey. Bitter, cold New Jersey…. and it proved to be a not so nice night for all eight that were set to take part in that match. As we know, it was axed from the show and shoved on Raw the next night, and as we soon found it, that was only the beginning for the Bella Twins.

Total Divas became a hit for the twins, as well as the other ladies involved in the ground-breaking reality show, and after an injury sidelined Nikki, Brie was given a the chance of a lifetime. We’ve never really gotten a chance to see what each twin could do on her own, and Brie took the ball and ran with it. During the summer months, we watched Brie mature come into her own as a wrestler. She was able to stand toe-to-toe with Natalya and AJ Lee, and she was able to connect with the audience like never before. She took her popularity from the show and carried it with her on camera, showing a lot of grit and determination during her matches, as well as more charisma. Her moveset became more complete and her drive to keep training was highlighted during Total Divas.

Photo: WWE.comPhoto:

Brie not only got a chance to shine on her own, but she was given a chance to work alongside her main squeeze, Daniel Bryan, during his feud with Randy Orton, showing that she can hold her own with the top guys as well as the top girls. Everything that Brie brought to the table this year was something special, and it might be fair to say that the break away from the company was just what she needed to relight that fire. Brie’s stand-out performance came at SummerSlam where she delivered an amazing match with Natalya, which earned her a chance to square off against AJ for the Divas Championship. Brie might have come up short in all her championship shots, but she always came out looking stronger and like a fighter at the end of every match.

Brie Bella definitely came back to the WWE with a goal in mind and that was to be better than ever before. It’s a shame her sister spend the majority of the year on the injured, or we might have been writing about both of them. But regardless, every dark cloud has a silver lining and we got a chance to see just who Brie Bella really is, and lucky for us, that is nothing short of amazing.

Stay tuned for more Writers’ Choice Award reveals over the next few days.

Exclusive interview: Tyson Kidd on his WWE return

Exclusive interview: Tyson Kidd on his WWE return

LastDecember during a WWE Live Event, Tyson Kidd sustained a severe knee injury — including tears in his right ACL, meniscus and MCL— that threatened to sideline the mat technician for as long as a year. Thanks to renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews and the same tenacity that earned Kidd a “workhorse” reputation among his peers, the Hart Dungeon-trained grappler has stepped back into the squared circle sooner than many expected, dazzling the WWE Universe on Raw in tag team action alongside his wife, Natalya.

Before taking us through his entire recuperation with an exclusive video series on the WWE App and, Kidd recapped his tough road to recovery, described his “Total Divas” experience and looked ahead at what he calls his “second chance.” 

WWE.COM: Tyson, first off, welcome back to WWE.

TYSON KIDD: Thank you very much. Those words mean so much to me. It’s been almost a year in the waiting to hear those words.

WWE.COM: What was it like to not only return to action, but to do it alongside your wife?

KIDD: It was a very unique experience. Obviously, we’ve done mixed tags before with The Hart Dynasty and things of that nature, but now our relationship is very open and public thanks to “Total Divas.” I think the only way it could have been better would be if Nattie and I got Fandango and Summer Rae in a double Sharpshooter to top things off [laughs]. But, looking back, it was as close to perfect as anything I could have asked for.

WWE.COM: After your surgery in January, you went into rehab with an optimistic outlook. Was there ever a time during your recovery that doubts started to creep in?

KIDD: At around the midway point, I thought my knee would never be the same again. After about three or four months, I could go to the gym normally and I could start to run on a treadmill, but I knew I couldn’t wrestle and take impact. I couldn’t jump off the one foot and stick a landing. I knew it wasn’t there. But I remember thinking, “Is my knee ever going to be 100 percent?”

I went so long — 17 years — without getting hurt. And I always thought one of two things would happen when I got hurt: It was either going to hinder the hell out of me forever, or I’d heal fast from it. And during rehab, I remember thinking, “Uh oh. This is going to be the ‘hindering me forever’ type of scenario.” Then, month five kicked in, and all of a sudden I had these drastic improvements.

I got medically cleared to train in the ring at the seven-month mark on August 5 in Green Bay, which is actually where I got hurt last December. So I really came full circle. It was bizarre.

Watch Kidd’s return to Raw | Kidd & Natalya celebrate their victory on the WWE App

Tyson Kidd following a successful surgeryWWE.COM: Have you had to alter your in-ring style in any way in light of your injury?

KIDD: I originally thought I would, but I’m very, very stubborn. I’d been doing cardio since week six of my rehab, and after two minutes in the ring the day I got cleared, I was done. It felt like I’d wrestled a 30-Minute Handicap Match. I was dying. I mean, this sounds bad, but in terms of my conditioning and my wind, I may as well have been sitting on my couch for eight months. There’s only one way to train, and that’s being in the ring. And even in practice, it’s not the same as performing in front of a crowd. You’re constantly feeding off their energy and their reactions and trying to feel them out. It’s a different aspect than practicing in the ring on your own. That’s been my limitation. But the only way to improve is to run that tank on empty, and then refill again. If you’re afraid and don’t let yourself get to empty, you’ll never build your conditioning. I learned that from my Japanese trainer, Tokyo Joe, a long time ago.

But I’m not going to let my knee alter anything I do in the ring. My move set is part of what makes me unique and there’s no way I’m going to throw that away out of fear.

I’m thinking, I might be brave where I’m sitting right now, but that fear switch is long gone. WWE and Dr. Andrews took such amazing care of me, and the way technology is today, it makes me feel invincible. If I tore my other knee tomorrow, I already know the process.

This has prepared me almost for anything, to be honest. That might be a bad thing, I don’t know. Sometimes I’m too hard-headed for my own good, and this could be one of those times.

PWI Female 50 Revealed: Indy Stars and TNA Knockout Top the List

PWI Female 50 Revealed: Indy Stars and TNA Knockout Top the List

A week ago, Pro Wrestling Illustrated had announced that SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa had topped their annual PWI Female 50 list, which ranks the fifty best women’s wrestlers based on factors such as championship reigns, win/loss records, etc.

Now, the complete list has been released via the magazine’s online issue a few days prior to the physical copy hitting newsstands.

Completing the top three are Mickie James in second place and Saraya Knight in third.

Mickie James enjoyed a heel turn and third TNA Knockouts Championship reign while the list was being compiled, becoming the most decorated female performer in televised wrestling history by capturing her ninth major championship.

Like Melissa at #1, Saraya Knight was SHIMMER Champion last year and was involved in many high profile matches, including a Steel Cage match at SHIMMER 53.

Rounding off the top ten in numerical order are WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok, former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn, last year’s #1 and current TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, NWA World Women’s Champion Kacee Carlisle, former TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, current WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and finally, the NCW Femmes Fatales Champion Mercedes Martinez.

Shockingly, names such as current TNA Knockouts Champion ODB, former SHINE #1 Contender Angelina Love, NXT standout Summer Rae and Kharma are all missing from the list.

To check out the entire Female 50, you can order your copy of the latest Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine by clicking here.

Do you agree with PWI’s list?

WWE SmackDown Results (10/25/13) – Bryan Gets One Up On Orton

WWE SmackDown Results (10/25/13) – Bryan Gets One Up On Orton

A video package shows footage of segments from Raw. Big Show interrupts Triple H and Stephanie via the tron. Later on in the show, Orton and Bryan sign the contract for their match on Sunday. Big Show comes out in a semi, and Bryan hits Orton with the big knee.

Tonight, The Shield and Randy Orton face Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust.

Michael Cole is in the ring, and he welcomes Triple H out to the ring. Triple H welcomes us to SmackDown. Cole asks Hunter what he thinks about Big Show interrupting them. A bunch of workers have been fired. Show has filed a lawsuit, and Hunter has been advised not to give any further comments on Big Show. Cole asks what if Big Show appears tonight? Triple H says he can’t talk about him anymore. Cole: what about the return of John Cena? Triple H: He can’t wait to see Cena return, and Del Rio defending the World title against him.

This Sunday, Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels as the guest ref. Hunter wants someone to walk out the champion, and he believes Shawn is capable of making sure someone is champion. Daniel Bryan is brought up. HHH knows that Shawn will do the right thing. Daniel Bryan interrupts, and a huge “YES!” chant breaks out.

Bryan looks out Triple H and smiles. Cole leaves the ring, Bryan says the right thing to do is to let him and Orton settle this once and for all. No one gets in, and no one gets out until there is a definitive winner. Shawn will not favor Bryan or Orton. Bryan will prove Hunter wrong. And when he does, he will become the new WWE Champion, and the new face of WWE. “YES!” “YES!” “YES!”


The Miz joins JBL and Michael Cole on commentary. The Uso’s make their way to the ring. The Wyatt Family enter afterwards.

The Uso’s vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Rowan and Jimmy start. Jimmy hits Harper, Rowan kicks him down. Harper tagged in. Luke puts in a headlock, Jimmy fights out. Big slam from Harper. Jimmy tags Jey who leaps from the top, super kick follows. Samoan Drop connects on Harper, Stink Face. Cover for a two. Jimmy and Jey take out both of the Wyatt’s. Harper grounds one of The Uso’s as they jump out. The Miz takes out Bray Wyatt. Uso super kicks Harper for the three.

Winners: The Uso’s –  by pinfall (2:32)

AJ Lee is skipping backstage with Tamina at her side. AJ’s in action next.

Nikki Bella is in the ring with Brie, AJ Lee makes her way to the ring with Tamina.

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

Lock up. AJ runs to the ropes as Nikki goes after her. Nikki trips her, and goes on the attack. AJ rolls out, and hides behind Tamina. AJ slams Nikki against the ropes, one. AJ hits a neckbreaker, two. Nikki powers out of a headlock, clothesline connects. Dropkick from Nikki, AJ tossed across the ring. Tamina attacks Brie outside, and throws her into the steps. AJ locks in Black Widow, Nikki taps.

Winner: AJ Lee – by submission (2:27)


A video package highlighting John Cena’s return is shown.

Bray Wyatt has the camera following him backstage. The Miz is tied up in a cage-type thing. The word liar is painted across his chest.

After the commercial break, 3MB is in the ring. Los Matadores make their way to the ring. The Real Americans come out, and watch on the stage.

Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre vs. Los Matadores 

McIntyre and Diego start. Slater tagged in, knee drop for a two. Slater and McIntyre double-team Diego. McIntyre works on the left arm. Fernando tagged in, crossbody off the turnbuckle. Fernando takes care of Slater, Diego and Fernando shove McIntyre into the mat for the three.

Winners: Los Matadores – by pinfall (2:00)

Los Matadores and El Torito take out Jinder Mahal. Zeb Colter gets on the mic. What type of men kidnap another man and put him in a bull suit? At Hell in a Cell, The Real Americans will take out Los Matadores.


Ryback and Paul Heyman enter for a handicap match. Heyman gets a mic and introduces CM Skunk.

No DQ Handicap Match: Ryback and Heyman vs. CM Skunk

Ryback is punches and kicked by Skunk. Ryback shoves him down, and throws him into the corners. Power bomb connects, another one follows. Heyman is tagged in. Heyman gets a kendo stick from under the ring. Paul hits him over and over again. Ryback hits the meat-hook clothesline, Shell-Shocked follows. Heyman puts his foot on Skunk for the three-count.

Winners: Paul Heyman and Ryback – by pinfall (2:23)

Heyman says he and his monster will use every bit of the cell to destroy CM Punk. And then, Heyman will step inside the ring and pin him 1, 2, 3. That will prove he is the best in the world.

Vickie is backstage laughing about CM Skunk. Big E Langston walks up. Miz is taken out of the main event, and Langston wants the spot. Vickie says she will get back to him. Big E says aren’t you the GM, or was he talking to Brad Maddox. Vickie responds by saying don’t you ever compare me to him again.

Alberto Del Rio stands on the ramp and talks. He stands for loyalty, justice, and the Mexican ways. They are building monuments and naming children after Del Rio in Mexico. We have John, our own hero. This Sunday at HIAC, Del Rio will put him in the cross arm breaker and he will never let go. We can all go and kiss his…. hahaha. Del Rio waves around the Mexican flag.

Great Khali is dancing in the ring with Natalya and Hornswoggle. Fandango dances his way to the ring with Fandango.

Great Khali vs. Fandango

Fandango goes right after Khali. Khali slaps him across the chest twice. Fandango punches Khali in the corner. Clotheslines from Khali. Summer Rae gets on the apron and distracts. Natalya slaps her, they get in the ring, and the bell is rang. Khali chops Fandango.

No Contest (1:33)

Daniel Bryan is the first to enter for the main event. Big E follows, Cody Rhodes and Goldust enter. The Shield come through the crowd, Orton makes his way to the ring.

Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust vs. Randy Orton and The Shield

Rhodes and Ambrose lock up. Rhodes throws several punches, Ambrose is thrown over his shoulders, Goldust tagged, Goldy covers. Big clothesline connects. Rhodes back in, tosses Ambrose out.


After the commercial break, Rollins slaps Langston across the chest, Big E with a belly-to-belly slam, Rhodes back in with a roll-up. Rollins trips Rhodes into the turnbuckle. Roman Reigns tagged in, Bryan tagged. Daniel kicks Reigns several times. Bryan slams Roman’s knees against the mat. Big E back in, thrusts his shoulders into Reigns in the corner, Goldust covers. Crossbody from the top, two. Rhodes slaps Reigns, one. Ambrose goes after Cody. Orton is tagged in. Randy delivers multiple punches to Rhodes. Rhodes covers. Rhodes nails the reverse suplex, two. Several kicks to the gut. Goldust back in with punches, two.

Rhodes comes back in with the cover. Orton takes Cody out of the ring. Ambrose tagged in, shoves Rhodes into the barricade. Ambrose kicks and kicks, two. Rhodes dodges the knee drop from Orton, multiple punches in the corner. Orton with the back breaker off the turnbuckle.


Reigns nails a suplex on Rhodes, nearfall. Rollins in off the tag, kick to the back of Cody’s head. Rhodes goes for the tag, but Rollins stops him. Rhodes hits Roman with a dropkick. Rhodes stops Rollins from a move from the top. Goldust tosses Rollins, Reigns goes on the attack. Ambrose tagged, Rollins back in with punches. Orton kicks Goldy in the corner. Rollins and Reigns try to double-team, but Goldy hits them with a double-elbow. Bryan back in. Several kicks. Bryan flies out of the ring onto Orton.

Missile dropkick to Ambrose. Big kicks to the chest and head. Yes Lock on Ambrose, Reigns breaks. Everyone gets involved. Rhodes hits Disaster Kick on Rollins, hops out onto The Shield. Big kick to Ambrose form Bryan. Orton tagged. DDT connects on Daniel. Orton sets up for the RKO. Big E shoves Orton into Bryan who connects with Shining Wizard for the three.

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